Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Common Question

I'm back home for two days. There're a lot of homeworks. but I don't care much. I'm gonna online for a short period. That is my determination even though I know I can't fulfill it. Actually, I wanna tell you about some common question to me.

1. Kenapa letak gambar laki? (Facebook)
Answer: Sebab tak letak gambar perempuan.

2. Ada handphone?
Answer: Important thing !

3. Ada boyfriend?
Answer: Tak dak.

4. Kenapa potong rambut?
Answer: Sebab tak mau taruh rambut.

5. Tengah buat apa/ tak tidur lagi ka?
Answer: Duk buat bodoh/ tengah tidur la ni sebab tu boleh online tu.

6. Kenapa minat Korea? Artis Melayu tak best ka?
Answer: Sebab tak minat Melayu. Orang Melayu annoying. (yang ni betul. aku tak tipu. lelaki Melayu annoying.)

Enough. Stop it iEja. The last question can make people angry. bhahaha. By the way, I really hate when people ask me this kind of question. I miss all of you. I'm going to take my bath and finish my homework. 

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