Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Only Begins When The School Starts

Whatever that has actually happened in every part of this year of 2010- all the good things and bad things, I think it is by far the most significant year I have gone through. I got to know new people, both good and annoying people. I met the nicest teachers in my school. I learn a few new subjects. 

(kejap. aku tak boleh tulis kalau lagu tgh play. tunggu habis jap)

I didn't have to sit for any massive examination so I was playing the fool all the way through the year. I didn't have any idea on some of the topics that my Addmath teacher was teaching. I got very low marks in the last year tests. 

Anyways to come to the point, I have pretty well learned from all of the stupid things I have done. After this I will TRY to regulate myself to become an organized person and enforce each and every obligation or whatever responsibilities that I will be holding. Poetic.

2011 is coming in a little while, and... I think I'll have to pledge a few commitments to myself, most importantly and needless to say- to make myself a better person. 

1. Aku nak siapkan homework. As soon as I get back from school, after taking my lunch and shower and Solat the first thing I am going to pull off will be the homework. before touching the computer or anything else. 

2. I have to convince myself, in any case, that no one deserves to be regarded as bodoh. Takde sesiapa yang bodoh.

3. I will try not to browse over the internet for nothing. The second I realize that I have actually nothing reasonable to do, I will send my computer (and myself) to sleep or do other valuable things. 

4. This might be hard. I will do my best effort to only focus and stick to my own business. This way I won't have to disappoint anyone anymore. 

5. When needed, I can cooperate.

Do me a favor. I have made all of these promises to myself so if any of you happen to find me neglecting any one of them, please remind me. In fact that's one of the reasons why I'm jotting down everything here. I know that to do this alone on my own is beyond the bounds of possibility because I am not a tenacious person, my parents think I know what I'm doing so they're not directing their mental effort or anything on me but behind all those I know what I'm actually like. ha cukup.

There's still a week before I start going back to school. dan tusyen malam (watching tv) ini dibatalkan. ok.

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